We are the absolute leaders in our region in this field, providing professional services for every client.

Once you become our client, you will realize how much time you have lost working with unprofessional and unprofessional people because we treat each client as our own, we respect you and want to achieve long-term co-operation.

Begzad Grahić
Director & Owner

Our mission is very simple, based on customer satisfaction, with the desire that each of our potential buyers becomes a permanent client.

Our company's vision is clear, we do not want to do one and the same job for 100 years, our goal is to fine-tune our work through time, to keep up with technological trends, which is steadily advancing and implementing new technologies.

Work, order and discipline is our motto
We take every criticism seriously, possible disputes and mistakes are corrected very quickly, we try to make every day better, stronger and more readily.

Why choose us?


Quality in the Company is reflected through the services of readiness for prompt reaction, accuracy, professionalism and severity, which is recognized in the market as a whole
Europe - this is a quality that can be trusted.

Experience for decades

Thanks to the professional knowledge of our staff, the professional work of the Department of Technology and Development has been meeting the demands of the international market and well-known customers for many years.

There is a guarantee for everything

All the products produced in our modern machine park come with quality assurance. The warranty period varies depending on the product's dependence.
Production 85%
Processing of metal parts 100%
Processing of plastic parts 98%
Welding 94%
Assembly of assemblies 96%

our last projects?

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